Re: Gtk3 segfault?

On 07.07.2012 04:06, Raf D [gtk-perl-list] wrote:
I have tried running it under valgrind, but that seems to generate a lot
of output (and the same thing when running with Gtk2). What would be a
good way to debug this problem?

Try using gdb first:

  # gdb --args perl
  (gdb) run
  ... segfault ...
  (gdb) bt full

I have different GtkBuilder UI definition files for each version.
Further, Gtk3 does not have Gtk3::Widget::visible, or
Gtk3::Widget::sensitive. And Gtk2 does not have get/set_visible or

Gtk2 does have Gtk2::Widget::[gs]et_visible if your gtk+ >= 2.18.

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