Re: [Patch] MinGW support for Glib-Object-Introspection

On 2012/07/01 at 09:48 PM, "Martin Schlemmer" <Martin Schlemmer nwu ac za>
On 2012/06/29 at 10:55 PM, Torsten Schoenfeld <kaffeetisch gmx de> wrote:
The patch is looking pretty good now.  A few remaining things:

On 27.06.2012 15:01, Martin Schlemmer wrote:
- Add OPTIMIZE to CFLAGS for the tests, fixing problems with some Glib's use
   of atomic intrinsics and not specifying a suitable -march depending on

Hrm, so every MSWin32 user would need to pass a correct OPTIMIZE flag to 
Makefile.PL.  Is there no better way?  Why does glib's pkg-config file 
not list the necessary cflags?

I will have to take a look - with 2.28.x it was not needed, definitely needed 
2.30.x, but unsure about 2.32.x (where I know glib's configure at least 
enforce it).

This is a problem with only Glib 2.30.x, but fixed in Glib 2.32, so I guess I can rip that code.

- The setting of PATH for the tests works with Dmake now at least.

Do you have the possibility to test with nmake/cl?

Is this needed for an initial patch to land? Currently I still have to see if I can even get 
gobject-introspection to build/work with nmake/cl, but will try when I get time ...

+      # XXX: G-O-I defaults to CC=cc
+      $ENV{CC} = 'gcc' if (!defined $ENV{CC});

On Unix, people usually symlink 'cc' to their preferred compiler, so 
that using 'cc' in code is fine.  Does it not work like this on MSWin32?

For both MinGW32 and MinGW64 there is by default no 'cc' setup, so I think 
best way will be to go as suggested by Sergei:

$ENV{CC} = 'gcc' unless exists $ENV{CC};

Question is if this should also be applied to the rest of the 'gcc' calls?

Still curious on what you think about this one? Thing is if/when nmake/cl gets into the picture things 
probably will have to change to get it more generic (not sure if MakeMaker can help here), unless we for now 
assume its gcc/$ENV{CC} ... ?


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