Next release deadline: Thursday, February 23rd @ 00:00 UTC

Hi Folks,

Checking the Gnome release calendar[1], the next release of the
(beta) Gnome libraries will be on Wednesday, February 22nd 2012, so
I'm going to set the deadline for code submissions for February's
release of Gtk2-Perl modules to be Thursday, February 23rd at
00:00 UTC.

Please have all code submissions into the Gtk2-Perl maintainers before
then; please allow time for the maintainers to audit and test code
submissions.  If you have your favorite RT ticket or bugtracker bug
that you would like looked at, now would be a good time to mention it
as well.

Once February 23rd rolls around, I will begin packaging any new code
in the Gtk2-Perl git repos. Once packaged,
I will distribute it to the appropriate places, and post the release
announcements shortly thereafter.  I'll also try to remember to resend
this announcement a week prior to the deadline so that people have a
reminder of the impending deadline as it gets nearer.

If you have any questions about the above, please ask.




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