Re: GStreamer access to raw audio data

Hi Torsten,

Thanks for fixing GStreamer::Buffer.

Can I ask here about the status of bug 620099? ( ) It's been
implicated as the cause of bug 668713. ( )

This bug is a little bit devastating for my purpose. The whole point
of PDL::GStreamer is to provide access to raw audio & video data, but
whenever I try pulling a buffer using either a pad signal or appsink's
pull_buffer method, the buffers seem to evaporate and destroy nearby
perl variables. I can only guess that it has something to do with both
threading and garbage collecting.

This branch of PDL::GStreamer pretty much highlights the problem
without using my GStreamer::AppSink module. Whenever I try running
examples/, it always crashes, sometimes in strange and
interesting ways. This is with perl 5.15; I haven't tried it with
another version.

I've had much more success piping directly to & from gst-launch. This
solution may be a bit ugly, and it will become increasingly ugly, but
it has its advantages. It has to start a new process to seek in a
playing video, but that's not a major problem for me.

Zach Morgan

On 2/18/12, Torsten Schoenfeld <kaffeetisch gmx de> wrote:
On 19.01.2012 14:01, Zach Morgan wrote:
I took your advice and cannibalized GStreamer::Interfaces to create
bindings for Appsink and Appsrc. I'm not clear on how you would make
it nice and perlish, so any criticism is welcome. Also, I've never
used xs or created bindings before. I didn't touch the set_callbacks
methods, and the GstAppStreamType enum, which isn't even tested,
probably could have been handled better.

First of all: fantastic work!  That was really quick.  Comments:

• For an example of how to handle callbacks, look into GstBus.xs.

• Your gst_app_sink_pull_buffer_list wrapper lacks sv_2mortal() wrapped
around newSVGstBuffer(), but otherwise it looks fine.

• For gst_app_src_get_latency, you could use xsubpp's OUTLIST, like so:

   void gst_app_src_get_latency (GstAppSrc *appsrc,
                                 OUTLIST guint64 min,
                                 OUTLIST guint64 max);

But note that there are some unresolved issues on win32 that seem to
involve OUTLIST.¹  So if you want to be on the safe side, you have to do
it manually, as is done for gst_clock_add_observation, for example.

¹ Search for "Gtk2::TreeView get_path_at_pos doesn't return array on

• Your handling of GstAppStreamType looks good.  Its mention in the
"maps" file will trigger all the magic.

And a question: Will GStreamer buffers leak every bit of data that
they're set with? I don't see what this comment is referring to.

Indeed, they do leak everything.  I never used GStreamer::Buffer, so I
never noticed.  This commit should fix it:
  Please test.

My GStreamer::App repo is at

Next stop: CPAN!
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