Re: Gtk3::Window and set_default_icon_name

On 21.12.2012 08:41, Mario Kemper wrote:
calling set_default_icon_name seems to break the subsequent code with
the following error message:
Can't locate object method "add" via package
"Gtk3::Window=HASH(0x1e632b0)" (perhaps you forgot to load
"Gtk3::Window=HASH(0x1e632b0)"?) at <> line 12.

Looks like set_default_icon_name is a function, not a method: <>. So it would be Gtk3::Window::set_default_icon_name ('...') in Perl. The confusing error messages is due to $window being stringified, I think. Unfortunately, we still lack code that checks the number of parameters and errors out on mismatch; that would have produced a clearer message.

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