Re: Replacing Test::WWW::Selenium::Catalyst with Gtk3::WebKit

On Tuesday 29 November 2011 09:28:56 you wrote:
On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 9:13 AM, Stefan Seifert <nine detonation org> wrote:
Out of sheer desperation I took X11::Xlib and called XTestFakeKeyEvent
and finally got some reaction. But of course, having to have a visible
window which has to have the focus was not exactly what I had in mind
for improving automated tests...

I've seen Jenkins/Hudson work around needing a display for testing by
using the VNC X server (Xvnc).

Of course! Should have thought of this myself, since it's exactly the trick 
I've already used with some Selenium tests. Thank you very much for reminding 
me of that one.

With this problem fixed I continued to implement more Selenium functionality 
and separated it into three modules: WWW::WebKit, Test::WWW::WebKit and 

Code is available on:

Metadata, and build files are missing and there are almost no test. But the 
existing tests show how to use the modules and from there on the Selenium 
documentation can be used.

Now I only have to find an equal workaround for WebKit not yet supporting 
synthesizing of drag and drop events.

Thanks to all for the help so far!

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