Re: Hang during make test

Steve Wills <swills FreeBSD org> writes:

Basically, make test hangs at t/9.t when it reaches test 26.

Within the first Glib::Child->watch_add is it?

looking at it, it seems to be due to the call to g_child_watch_add_full
eventually calling g_thread_create_posix_impl which uses pthreads (since
my glib uses threads)

Oh, that's the crazy glib thing where the child watch uses a signal
handler in another thread is it?

and the fact that my perl does not have thread
support enabled.

Glib.xs always does g_thread_init(), maybe.  Should that be inhibited in
a non-threaded perl?  Though I might have wondered that if perl is not
threaded it wouldn't care about anyone else using threads or not ...

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