From Gtk2::GladeXML to Gtk2::Builder

To replace my use of Gtk2::GladeXML with Gtk2::Builder, I tried the following steps:
With Glade 3.6.4, I saved my glade xml files as Gtkbuilder files.

In my perl scripts, I changed

# $self->{glade_xml_coll} = Gtk2::GladeXML->new("glade/", 'jrn_coll'); 
$self->{glade_xml_coll}= Gtk2::Builder->new();

# $self->{glade_xml_coll}->signal_autoconnect_from_package($self);

And all the call with get_wiget(name) were changed to get_object(name);

I got the following warning when I call the add_from_file from the builder object
Gtk-WARNING **: No object called:  at forms/ line 22.

Can someone explain me what this warning mean ?


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