GStreamer cairooverlay

Hi all,

i wanted to test out the new gst cairooverlay plugin in perl.
so i tried to convert the code to perl from the example application ( )

Now im having the problem that the draw signal sends me this error:
"GType CairoContext (15497280) is not registered with gperl"
I have installed the Cairo cpan package but it seems its not exported to perl somehow?
Is there a way around it, to still use the overlay ?

Best regards and thank you already


my $pipeline = GStreamer::Pipeline->new("cairo-overlay-example");
my ($source, $a1, $cairo_overlay, $a2, $sink) = GStreamer::ElementFactory->make(
        videotestsrc => "source",
        ffmpegcolorspace => "a1",
        cairooverlay => "overlay",
        ffmpegcolorspace => "a2",
        autovideosink => "sink"

# Here im getting the the CairoContext error
$cairo_overlay->signal_connect ("draw", sub {
        use Data::Dumper;
        print Dumper(\ _);

$pipeline->add ($source, $a1, $cairo_overlay, $a2, $sink);


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