Re: Blocking GUI

"Salvatore De Paolis" <iwkse-ml gmx com> writes:

The only issue is, the image i'm going to set is an animated gif and the
animation is not visible but just the static picture.

That'll be doomed if you've gone away blocked doing something else.
Another way is to change the mouse to a "watch" cursor to show you're
busy (gratuitous plug for my Gtk2::Ex::WidgetCursor here :-).

If you're doing http fetches then there's a couple of ways to go asynch.
I tried POE::Component::Client::HTTP which is not bad if you don't mind
learning some POE (eg. examples/ in my
Gtk2-Ex-TickerView).  AnyEvent::HTTP looks promising as a
main-loop-agnostic thing.  Otherwise all the usual ways of running LWP
in a sub-process, which makes the fetching code easier, but
communicating progress and results back to the gui harder.

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