Re: Gtk3

Torsten Schoenfeld <kaffeetisch gmx de> writes:

preloading of subs is a performance issue,

Maybe a class and its parents could be fully populated only when an
object of that type becomes visible at the perl level or is created from
perl.  That might mean separate "use Gtk2::Button" etc for every widget
class you use, but could at least confine the stuff loaded to the stuff
used.  The full "use Gtk2" could still pre-load everything.

Gtk itself is a bit when-used for classes isn't it?  The type funcs like
gtk_button_get_type() only create class structs etc when an object of
that type is desired.  I suppose that's not quite as easily hidden in
perl, unless maybe Glib::Object::new('Gtk2::Button',...) would populate
Gtk2::Button automatically ... if you wanted to create objects by that
generic way instead of Gtk2::Button->new() ... although occasionally the
two are not quite the same ...

What's this Buble character got that I haven't got?

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