Re: Seeking advice and information

Duncan Ferguson <duncan_j_ferguson yahoo co uk> writes:

 - run a piece of perl code to get the window ID before exec'ing ssh
   in the window with the correct params to connect to the remote host

xterm sets a WINDOWID environment variable, if that's not already what
you're doing.

Tk key event into an X event to send on,

As a novel idea, I think any X client can listen for key events on any
window, not just those it owns, if you wanted to have another separate X
connection listening and SendEvent replicating.

(The XTEST extension can inject keystrokes too, but it's designed to be
as if the user typed, so follows the current input focus, which is
probably not what you want.)

I would much prefer to start up a number of Tk/Gtk2 windows with the
terminal or shell embedded in them,

Dunno how good the gtk tty emulation widgets are.  A usual widget
key-press-event signal on the master one ought to give the raw key
events if it doesn't have a higher level notion (and there's a gtk
"snooper" thing to see all keys everywhere in the application, if
necessary), but not sure if it's easy or hard to re-play into slaves.

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