Re: How to use PangoWeight constants?

On 27.12.2011 13:22, Hubert Mauchle wrote:
Is there a possibility to use PangoWeight constants
(for example PANGO_WEIGHT_BOLD) in the set method?

PangoWeight is an enum, so you should be able to simply use the nickname strings:

  $renderer->set("weight" => "bold",
                 "weight-set" => 1);

And if yes: how did you find out?

As long as we don't have a documentation viewer for the introspection stuffÂ, your best bet is to look into the .gir file, in this case <prefix>/share/gir-1.0/Pango-1.0.gir. There you see how gobject-introspection interprets the C declarations, and this will map almost always one-to-one to Perl.

And for enums of course, the usual Glib magic applies. See 'perldoc Glib' â PERL VERSUS C â This Is Now That.

 Writing a documentation viewer would be a worthwile project, I think. All the information is in the .gir files, including documentation.

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