Re: TreeView list and multi drag&drop

On 10.06.2011 19:25, Ailin Nemui wrote:
I speak some Perl but little XS or C. Would like to make a TreeView with
a list, where the lines can be reorderd with the mouse using drag&drop.
This works for 1 line at a time if I enable reorderable (as per Gtk2).
Now, to make it work with multiple selected rows, the suggestion seems
to be to use "EggTreeMultiDnd" --

does anyone have an insight how to get this working in a simple
perl/Gtk2 app?

Looks like EggTreeMultiDnd is indeed the only solution on the market. We'd need a Perl port of it. If you want to have a go at it, I'd be glad to answer questions.

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