Gtk2 1.231 (unstable) available

Overview of changes in Gtk2 1.231

* Wrap gtk+ 2.22 API.
* Wrap gdk 2.20 and 2.22 API.
* Wrap missing gtk+ 2.8, 2.10, 2.12, 2.14, 2.16, 2.18 and 2.20 API.
* Wrap missing gdk 2.18 API.
* Wrap missing gdk-pixbuf 2.18 API.
* Add Gtk2::Gdk::Image.
* Add Gtk2::Container->find_child_property and list_child_properties.
* Add Gtk2::Widget->find_style_property and list_style_properties.
* Add Gtk2::Gdk::Pixbuf->get_option.
* Add is_writable field to Gtk2::Gdk::PixbufFormat.
* Allow Gtk2::Buildable implementations to return undef from
* Cope with the rename of the keysym defines in gtk+ 2.22.
* Fix invocation of Gtk2::Notebook window creation hooks.
* Fix length of Gtk2::Gdk::Pixbuf->get_pixels() return.
* Ensure that the option strings passed to Gtk2::Gdk::Pixbuf->save() are
  upgraded to utf8 if necessary.  Also, complain if an odd number of
  key/value args is given.
* Update Gtk2->show_about_dialog to match upstream.
* Make damage events Gtk2::Gdk::Event::Expose objects.
* Allow undef in a few more places.
* Correct the memory management in Gtk2::Gdk::Window->new.
* Correct length of the Gtk2::Gdk::Pixbuf->get_pixels() return.
* Plug leaks in Gtk2::Gdk::Drawable->get_image, Gtk2::CellLayout and
* Use Glib's infrastructure for attaching "magic".
* Add some examples.
* Improve the documentation in a few places.
* Fix a few build and test failures.

The source code is available from the gtk2-perl project page on

This module requires these other modules and libraries:

   perl >= 5.8.0
   Glib >= 1.230 (Perl module)
   Pango >= 1.220 (Perl module)
   GTK+ > 2.x (C library and prerequisites)

If GTK+ is as new or newer as 2.8, the Cairo module is also required:

  Cairo >= 1.00 (Perl module)

In order to build it from source, you'll also need

   ExtUtils::Depends >= 0.300
   ExtUtils::PkgConfig >= 1.030
   development headers for gtk+ and friends

Gtk2 is a Perl extension providing Perl bindings to the 2.x series of
the Gtk+ graphical user interface library.  This module allows you to
write graphical user interfaces in a perlish and object-oriented way,
freeing you from the casting and memory management in C, yet remaining
very close in spirit to original API.  Find out more about Gtk+ at
<>, and about Gtk2-Perl at

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