RE: Gtk3

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On 01.03.2011 23:46, Kevin Ryde wrote:
Torsten Schoenfeld<kaffeetisch gmx de>  writes:
   use Glib::Object::Introspection;
   Glib::Object::Introspection->setup (
     basename =>  'Gtk',
     version =>  '3.0',
     package =>  'Gtk3');

Does that load up pretty much all classes and function methods etc?

Yes, it does.  It was using AUTOLOAD trickery originally, but that 
turned out to be too fragile, so now G:O:I installs sub stubs 
for every 
method, function and constant.

Is this behaviour introduced for Gtk3, or what version of perl-Gtk this was introduced?

I am very in favour of light binding that allocates resource on demand.

Best regards,

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