Gtk2::FileChooserDialog beahves erratically when files are updated in CWD

Hello All,

I've created a simple script (see the attached file) which reproduces a
problem I have in real application.

The problem is that essentially Gtk2::FileChooserDialog doesn't work when
a file is constantly updated in the chosen from Gtk2::FileChooserDialog

The widget, when its window appears, shows a list of files which is
immediately updated.

When in the widget window I press "Modified" button, the file list in
the widget window is constantly rearranged, and order of files which are
_not_ modified is changed every second or so. I.e. it looks like some
kind of unstable sort algorithm is used. I am sure the files whose order
change do not change - they shouldn't and the widget display their
modification time which doesn't change.

It is practically impossible to change file/directory selection use mouse
or keyboard.

The widget seems to operate OK in a directory in which nothing changes.

Is there a way to get a snapshot of files when the selection is created ?
I.e. is there a way to disable constant updates ?



Description: Perl program

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