Adventures in gtk-perl - tables and windows


After a frustrating couple of days googling I have come up with the
follwing bits of code to solve a couple of things which seem to have a
lot of questions on google but no answers. Comments apprieciated

1. getting widgets from a table matching co-ordinates (ie: row/column)

foreach my $w ($table->get_children){
            my $leftcol=$capture{$media}->{table}->child_get_property($w,'left-attach');

           # can be used for x=left,x=right,y=top,y=bottom as well
with obvious amendments to *attach argument  ie:left/right/top/bottom#

          $capture{$media}->{table}->remove($w) if $leftcol=~/4|5/;  #
op where $leftcol equals criteria - 4 or 5 in this case
         # used to remove widgets here but any op should work I think#

2. Getting list of windows from X with xid and name

my $s=Gtk2::Gdk::Screen->get_default or die print $!;

foreach my $w ($s->get_window_stack){
my $xid=$w->get_xid;
my @name=split /=/,`xprop -id $xid WM_NAME`;
print $name[1],"\n";
print $name,"\t",join "\t",$w->get_origin,"\t",join "\t",$w->get_size,"\n";

I cant find any way to get the X11 name from GDK, and I dont seem to
be alone, which is why I do a backticks to xprop

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