RE: Wrapping Text while editing Gtk2::CellRendererText


>I have a CellRendererText that is editable in a TreeView. The issue that I have is that while in edit mode, the text doesn’t wrap – it is all displayed on one line.


>I have set_wrap_mode as ‘word’ and set_wrap_width at 400. The text wraps fine except when editing. Is this possible or do I need to implement a custom cell renderer?


>Thanks for the help.




Here is cell renderer I wrote that handles multi-line text

1) The wrap-width of the cell-renderer is automatically adjusted to fill/shrink the available space in the cell

2) Editing is done using a TextView widget instead of an Entry widget


It’s on cpan


Muppets in the examples directory helped

Attachment: Gtk2-Ex-CellRendererWrappedText-0.02.tar.gz
Description: Gtk2-Ex-CellRendererWrappedText-0.02.tar.gz

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