Re: Stop stepping on other perl extension's toes

Kevin Ryde <user42 zip com au> writes:

Florian Ragwitz <rafl debian org> writes:

    If anyone other than us wants to use this functionality, he's
    free to use XS::Object::Magic. The goal here is not to provide a
    general purpose API - that already exists.

I suppose friends or subclasses of gobject/gboxed might use it
eventually, but start off private.

If it turns out that way, that's fine with me to, but still the point I
made in another mail stands and I'll be trying to make this static if

Most of the time glib related modules want to use the gobject/gboxed
interfaces anyway and don't really care about associating plain pointers
with scalars. If they do, I still believe they can use one of the
existing libraries for that, or do it on their own with their own
non-gobject magic vtbl.

On a related note, i just added mg_findext and sv_unmagicext to perl
blead today and it'll be part of 5.13.8, and ppport.h shortly
afterwards, making the task even easier without having to rely on
XS::Object::Magic or similar.

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