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haratron  wrote:
I can't find any example of a menu (file, edit, help) in gtk-perl. The
best I could find was in gtk-demo, but that doesn't have
the actual functions implemented, just dummy dialogs.
I'm using Glade.
How am I going to launch the aboutdialog when the user clicks on the
help->about menuitem? 
you will find the menu bar under "Containers"

For an About box create in Glade inside your project a new Widget (an AboutBox/About Dialog - found under 
In the About box there's a button. click it, switch to Signals and set GtkButton->clicked to a function 

If you double click on the Menu point it opens the sub menu entries, click on about and set under Signals
Gtk-Widget->button-press-event a function e.g. on_ImageMenuItemInfo_button_press_event

Then in the perl script:
# Get About Box object as named in the glade project
my $aboutbox = $builder->get_object('AboutBox');
$aboutbox->signal_connect('delete_event' => => \&Gtk2::Widget::hide_on_delete);

sub on_ImageMenuItemInfo_button_press_event()

sub on_AboutBoxButtonClose_clicked()

That's it. Hope it helps
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