comboboxentry assertion `GTK_IS_CELL_RENDERER (cell)' issue

I'm using Glade to create and place a Gtk2::ComboBoxEntry.

$color_centry1= $builder->get_object('comboboxentry1');

my $model3 = new Gtk2::ListStore('Glib::String');
my $renderer3 = new Gtk2::CellRendererText;
$color_centry1->pack_start($renderer3, FALSE);
$color_centry1->set_attributes($renderer3, text => 0);

my @listing_centry1 = qw/red blue purple yellow black/;

foreach $text (@listing_centry1) {
    $color_centry1->append_text ($text)

$color_centry1->set_text_column (0); # this line is generating the error message

The problem is that I'm getting the following error message:
Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_cell_layout_set_attributes: assertion
`GTK_IS_CELL_RENDERER (cell)' failed

How can I fix this?

Found a similar thread in a gtk-C# mailing list (no solution provided):

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