Re: unset default row in a treeview (treesort)

Thomas Funk wrote:
Hi to all,
I try to set the active row in a treeview(treesort) to another row than 0. This works but the row 0 is 
always highlighted (light).
Here's my code:
    my $row_path = $theme_center_list_real_hash{$row_name}; # e.g "4:2"
    my $tree_model = $tree_view_object->get_model();
    my $treeiter = $tree_model->get_iter_from_string($row_path);
    my $treepath = $tree_model->get_path ($treeiter);
    my $treeselection = $tree_view_object->get_selection();

If I printout the path list with
@paths = $treeselection->get_selected_rows;
only the selected row I want is listed. So I guess the light higlighted row is an old display state.

How can I clear this "state"?
After clicking to another row it will be cleared but at the beginning when the program starts it looks 

It sounds like you perhaps aren't allowing the program to process
events? After you call select_iter how is control passed back to the
event loop?

Cheers, Dave

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