Re: Change Mouse Cursor

Zettai Muri <zettaimuri gmail com> writes:

I am currently trying to
change the mouse cursor to a hand on a 'button_press_event'.

As a bit of shameless self-promotion, my Gtk2::Ex::WidgetCursor is a bit
of oop-ery which can help making temporary cursor settings.  It may be
more than you need initially but can coordinate multiple things desiring
different cursors.

I was
hoping to change it to a hand for future grabbing and dragging of a

And even more self-promotion, my Gtk2::Ex::Dragger can help shifting
Gtk2::Adjustments to move a visible portion.  It can set the cursor too.
Not sure how it goes with a canvas thingie, but if it doesn't work I'd
like to make it work :-).

I'm contemplating making the dragger an actual Glib::Object for ease of
creating in a Gtk2::Builder, if that helped glade too.

sub button_press_event
  return TRUE;

There's a recent Gtk2::EVENT_PROPAGATE which can help get propagate/stop
the right way around (see the Gtk2::Widget docs).  TRUE means stop I
think, which may be why only one of the two handlers runs.  If
intentional then you'd want what Mario rearranged.

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