Re: Gtk2::TreeView get_path_at_pos doesn't return array on Windows

Attached are the dmake test results from stock Glib-1.222 and Gtk2-1.221 . Only change I made was that I had to remove GtkRecentChooser from the Gtk2 test suite as it was hanging the test.

On Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 10:16 AM, Torsten Schoenfeld <kaffeetisch gmx de> wrote:
On 03.02.2010 04:51, Terence J. Ferraro wrote:
This is an old thread, but I wanted to reply so that the solution at
least gets indexed in case anyone else ever runs into this problem.

I myself ran into this about a year ago and found that if you comment
out the: if (GIMME_V == G_ARRAY) { ... }

within the get_path_at_pos routine in GtkTreeView.xs and instead
unconditionally return the array, you now get what you want on Windows.
Never really cared to investigate why since this solution "just works".

That's weird.  Because the GIMME_V business is standard XS stuff that is used in many places throughout Glib and Gtk2.  Does the Glib test suite pass on the same that shows the weird get_path_at_pos behavior? Especially Glib/t/filename.t, which exercises filename_from_uri which also uses GIMME_V.
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