Re: UIManager and Menus in Toolbars

On 15.01.2010 08:32, Jeffrey Ray wrote:
I am attempting to use GtkUIManager to create a toolbar with a
GtkMenuToolButton item. The documentation for GtkUIManager has this to say:

a GtkToolItem
<> subclass,
the exact type depends on the action. Note that toolitem elements may
contain a menu element, but only if their associated action specifies a
<> as proxy

But i'm not exactly sure what that means.

I haven't done much with GtkUIManager, so I'm not sure either. At which point in the code did you try calling connect_proxy()? I think it needs to be done before $ui->get_widget or maybe even before $ui->insert_action_group. Do you have a small but complete example that demonstrates your problem?

The documentation says the connect proxy method is deprecated since 2.16
- which is what I am running - and that is should use
- but calling set_related_function on a Gtk2::MenuToolButton throws an
error saying can't find set_related_action.

That's because the bindings don't wrap GtkActivatable yet, unfortunately. Any volunteers?

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