Re: (Fwd) Bug#582410: libgtk2-perl: FTBFS on mips: Failed test 'callbacks encountered'

muppet <scott asofyet org> writes:

This behavior implies that there are cases in which the cell renderer
is never being asked to draw itself.

In some of my own tests I wait for map-event before checking certain
callbacks and settings, because a window manager can delay map and
expose for an arbitrary time (usually small of course) after a program
asks to realize a toplevel (other than 'temp' types).

Dunno if that happens in this case, but it could be worth waiting for
expose-event before saying the render callbacks should have occurred
... with a timeout in case it's wedged, or if some silly wm starts it
iconified or something so it's never drawn at all.

(This sort of time thing tends to show up on a slow or heavily loaded
machine, and not at all when you stick it under the debugger :-)

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