Re: (Fwd) Bug#582410: libgtk2-perl: FTBFS on mips: Failed test 'callbacks encountered'

On Sun, 18 Jul 2010 11:19:50 -0400, muppet wrote:

see below: libgtk2-perl has problems on the mips build daemon in
Debian. Maybe some of you guys has any idea what's going on there?

 #   Failed test 'callbacks encountered'
 #   at t/GtkCellRenderer.t line 228.
 #     Structures begin differing at:
 #          $got->[2] = 'size'
 #     $expected->[2] = 'render'
 # Looks like you failed 1 test of 20.
 t/GtkCellRenderer.t ................ 
 Dubious, test returned 1 (wstat 256, 0x100)
 Failed 1/20 subtests 

This behavior implies that there are cases in which the cell
renderer is never being asked to draw itself. Since it works
sometimes and not others, it seems unlikely that this is a problem
with the bindings, but instead some interesting interaction between
gtk+ and/or the display server.

Sounds reasonable.
(Or it's a toolchain problem on ia64 ...)
The build log indicates that the code was built against gtk+
2.20.x, which is roughly in the right time frame to have offscreen
rendering and some treeview drawing speed fixes. Either of these
might cause the cell renderers not to be rendered. Is it possible
to test this same binding code against an older or newer gtk+?

On the Debian porter machines we can only use chroots that have the
versions of a package that are currently in one of Debian's archive
areas, but not any "arbitrary" versions.
The build log also shows the unit tests complaining that the
display is missing the RENDER extension, which means that the tests
were running with a DISPLAY. I presume it is to this that your xvfb
comment refers.

We're running the test suite under xvfb in order to run as many tests
as possible, also those needing an X server where no "real" one is
If the DISPLAY variable is empty, the unit tests will skip the
attempts to do real drawing and such, and only test binding and
marshaling code. This build mode is intended for use by automated
packaging systems, and may be the best option.

In general I'm a bit reluctant to skip tests, but if it's the
upstream recommendation to skip those tests during automated building
that seems like a good reason.

Thanks for your help!

What do other people from the Debian Perl Group think?


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