Re: Custom TreeModel

Emmanuel Rodriguez <emmanuel rodriguez gmail com> writes:

Holding to the strings has the same issue as holding to the XmlNodes. I
endup duplicating the model in memory and I don't know when you release

Oh, if you set iters-persist per your first post then the iter has to be
good for as long as the row exists.  If you don't set that then iters
only have to be good until the next change to the model.

For no-persist a trick is to change your stamp on each change to the
model, as a way to notice if the app passes in a stale iter.  For
iters-persist it's possible to change stamp when the last row is
deleted, but that's not as important since iters last longer.

Either way an application could certainly walk the whole model and take
an iter to every single row ... thus the idea is to have something
compact, like memory address, or row number, or pair of coordinates,

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