Re: Custom TreeModel

Emmanuel Rodriguez <emmanuel rodriguez gmail com> writes:

I see that there's not way to avoid the cache. It's a bit of a pity that I
can't detect when an iter is no longer needed as eventually all nodes will
be duplicated into the cache.

Yep, in the worst case.  I think TreeModelFilter suffers like that too.

If I'm not mistaken
XML::LibXML assumes that nodes are attached to the underlying C model and
that the SVs wrapping them can be easily discarded at anytime as long as the
original C structure lives.

The TreeIter is basically 48 bits you can use any way you like to
identify a node, it should be just a matter of cooking up something

The way the perl interface makes two of the three words as refs is
usually good, but I'd thought before there could be a way to say you
want 3 integers instead, for when the one is not enough.  (Though even
48 bits may not be enough for a database recno or something like that

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