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From: Florian Ragwitz <rafl debian org>
Subject: Re: Bind Module for Perl
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Date: Friday, December 31, 2010, 7:17 AM
Jens Luedicke <jens luedicke gmail com>

I recently started to do some Perl hacking again and
missed a few
syntactic notations I knew from C++.

FWIW, those notations exist in C++ mostly because the
language doesn't
have proper closures, which Perl does have.

The syntax is basically the same. My approach is just
a little
different (maybe with a little more overhead). The
syntax offered by
Class::bind is probably more readable (which is very
important to me).

Readability is important. However, you might want to
consider that a
very fundamental feature of the Perl language is quite
likely to be
*much* more readable to Perl programmers than a module
reinventing that
feature so one can do the same thing with different

Exactly. C++ is a _very_ unreadable language; to prove this here is a
simple task to implement in C++ - translate the following _legal_ code
in Perl:

my $some_coeff = 1.5;

my $hash_ref =
  yet_another_hash =>
    one => 1,
    two => 2

  array_of_hashes =>
      name => 'John',
      address => '1 Mary st'

      name => 'Paul',
      address => '5 James st'

  a_method_with_two_closures =>
      my $another_coeff = 3.0;

      sub # anonymous subroutine
        my ($x) = @_;

        $some_coeff * $another_coeff * $x; # the returned value

into C++. You'll see how horrendously user unfriendly C++ (syntax) is.

I.e. you'll first of all see how difficult is to write all this in C++.

You'll see how much extra characters (what Perl bigots call "character
noise") you'll need to introduce into your C++ notation.

Perl is not "C" and actually was not meant to be, and it's good. Nor Perl
is C++, and one of fundamental differences is that in Perl constructor
_does_ return a value.

As my first exercise in C++ I tried to implement Perl hierarchical data
structures, and after that I realized how inconvenient C++ is.



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