Re: Limit Decimal Places in a GtkTreeColumn

On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 1:57 PM, Marius Feraru <altblue gmail com> wrote:
Zettai Muri <zettaimuri gmail com> wrote:
Is someone able to show me how to use the set_cell_data_func:
The attached patch should fix your homework, but you might wanna
review some Perl 5 references documentation, at least the sections
regarding code references (and calling subroutines).

Homework? Is there a Gtk2-Perl school somewhere?  Let me know where it
is and I'll sign up.
Thanks for the hint about relevant documentation.  Will definitely check it out.
Perl bindings docs won't get you anywhere, tutorial wise. (I'm sorry
to say) IMHO learning Gtk this way won't work. :(

If someone could point me in the right direction
Besides taking more drives around this list's mighty archive? The
other Gtk related mailing lists archives. :)

Good point I should have searched the archives first.
I did find this: but
was unable to apply it.

Thanks for your help.

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