Problems with GHashTable in signal handler


I try to use the "create-plugin-widget" signal of Gtk2::WebKit::WebView,
which passes a GHashTable to the callback. Here it's signature from the

  GtkWidget* user_function (WebKitWebView *web_view,
                            gchar         *mime_type,
                            gchar         *uri,
                            GHashTable    *param,
                            gpointer       user_data) : Run Last / Action

  (from )

Perl dies with this error message when my signal handler is called:

  GType GHashTable (146176672) is not registered with gperl

Since signal handling is completely covered on Glib level I don't think
this problem is related to Gtk2::WebKit. The Glib perldoc says 
GHashTable is bound to the native Perl hash datatype. I grep'ed the 
sources of Glib and Gtk2 to find any examples of passing GHashTables to
Perl - with no luck.

Any help on this is appreciated ;)

I am using Perl 5.10.1 and these module versions on Debian sid:

  Glib::VERSION         = 1.222
  Gtk2::VERSION         = 1.221
  Gtk2::WebKit::VERSION = 0.06



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