atom issues

I've been using hset root as the basis of trying to set the
background for X using GTK2, below is the chunk I am currently having
issues with.

  atom_root = XInternAtom (display, "_XROOTMAP_ID", True);
  atom_eroot = XInternAtom (display, "ESETROOT_PMAP_ID", True);

  // doing this to clean up after old background
  if (atom_root != None && atom_eroot != None)
      XGetWindowProperty (display, RootWindow (display, screen),
                          atom_root, 0L, 1L, False, AnyPropertyType,
                          &type, &format, &length, &after, &data_root);
      if (type == XA_PIXMAP)
          XGetWindowProperty (display, RootWindow (display, screen),
                              atom_eroot, 0L, 1L, False, AnyPropertyType,
                              &type, &format, &length, &after, &data_eroot);
          if (data_root && data_eroot && type == XA_PIXMAP &&
              *((Pixmap *) data_root) == *((Pixmap *) data_eroot))
              XKillClient (display, *((Pixmap *) data_root));

  atom_root = XInternAtom (display, "_XROOTPMAP_ID", False);
  atom_eroot = XInternAtom (display, "ESETROOT_PMAP_ID", False);

  if (atom_root == None || atom_eroot == None)
    return 0;

  // setting new background atoms
  XChangeProperty (display, RootWindow (display, screen),
                   atom_root, XA_PIXMAP, 32, PropModeReplace,
                   (unsigned char *) &pixmap, 1);
  XChangeProperty (display, RootWindow (display, screen), atom_eroot,
                   XA_PIXMAP, 32, PropModeReplace, (unsigned char *) &pixmap,

My attempt to convert this to Perl for GTK2 has resulted in the

        my $atom_root=Gtk2::Gdk::Atom->intern("_XROOTMAP_ID", 1);
        my $atom_eroot=Gtk2::Gdk::Atom->intern("ESETROOT_PMAP_ID", 1);

        my $XA_PIXMAP=Gtk2::Gdk::Atom->new('XA_PIXMAP', 0);

        #if the atoms already exist we need to do something...
        if (defined($atom_root) && defined($atom_eroot)) {
                my $any=Gtk2::Gdk::Atom->new("AnyPropertyType", 0);
                my ($type, $format, $data)=$window->property_get($atom_root, $any, 0, 1, 0);

        $atom_eroot=Gtk2::Gdk::Atom->intern("_XROOTMAP_ID", 0);
        $atom_eroot=Gtk2::Gdk::Atom->intern("ESETROOT_PMAP_ID", 0);

        $window->property_change($atom_root, $XA_PIXMAP, 32, 'replace', $pixmap, 1);
        $window->property_change($atom_eroot, $XA_PIXMAP, 32, 'replace', $pixmap, 1);

'Gdk-WARNING **: Couldn't match property type XA_PIXMAP to AnyPropertyType' is
the resulting error I get. Any suggestions?

On another note, this all appears to be a area that is completely uncovered
by any documentation or etc any where when it comes to GTK. Any one have
any suggested readings on doing stuff like this with GTK?

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