GstXOverlay interface methods not available


Is it possible that the GstXOverlay interface is not available in the Gstreamer Perl bindings?

I was playing around with Gstreamer's Perl API and I tried to port the Vala example "Vala GStreamer Video Example" [1]. In that example a "xvimagesink" is embedded in a Gtk2 window, or so I think as I don't have vala. This is acheived through the following Vala code:

ÂÂÂ private void on_play () {
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ ((XOverlay) this.sink).set_xwindow_id (
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ Gdk.x11_drawable_get_xid (this.drawing_area.window));
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ this.pipeline.set_state (State.PLAYING);

When I run the corresponding Perl code (I've attached a sample script showing the problem):
ÂÂÂ $sink->set_xwindow_id($canvas->window->get_xid);

I get the following error:
ÂÂÂ Can't locate object method "set_xwindow_id" via package "Glib::Object::_Unregistered::GstXvImageSink" at ./ line 48.

Is there another way to do the same? Maybe I'm not using the right function calls.


Emmanuel Rodriguez

Description: Perl program

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