Re: Goo::Canvas

Jeffrey Ratcliffe wrote:
I see that now the C API is somehow part of GTK
(, it would make sense if Goo::Canvas were
maintained by gtk2-perl.

Does nobody else think that it would be a good idea for gtk2-perl to
group maintain Goo::Canvas?

Well, what do you mean by "to group maintain"? Currently, I'm the only one maintaining the modules commonly referred to as gtk2-perl. And due to various reasons, I haven't been able to tend to all the things that need doing lately. So I don't want to take over another module.

But if you want to just put Goo::Canvas under the gtk2-perl umbrella by hosting it where all the other modules are hosted, that's fine with me. For that, you'd have to request a GNOME account: <>. (For some reason, the Perl modules still don't show up in the list of vouchers, but you can add a comment about this and then select "gnome-perl-introspection" as the voucher. This way, the request still reaches me.)

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