Re: example program

Kevin Ryde wrote:
I tried the examples/ program with gtk 2.12.11 and
perl-gtk 1.202 or the cvs and got just a horizontal line when clicking
to edit in the custom renderer.  Screenshot below, the line is on the

I suspect the line is the TextView with height 4 pixels, and that that
height may be all its requisition asks for.  Did it used to ask to be a
size which would fit its text, or something?  Or is the viewer/cell-edit
stuff meant to stretch it to the cell size anyway?  Forcing the latter
seems to work, but is that supposed to be necessary?

I don't remember the details, but I think this turned out to be a bug in gtk+ that got introduced in some version and fixed in a later version. I don't see the bug with gtk+ trunk anymore. Should we still commit the workaround patch?

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