APP Distribution via CPAN

Am Montag, den 29.12.2008, 16:26 +0100 schrieb Emmanuel Rodriguez:
You should think of a way for distributing your application. I strongly 
suggest that you package your application as a standard CPAN module and 
make it available there as well. This way you will provide the users 
with a simple way for installing your application. CPAN is not only for 
modules; you can add there applications too. You might need to change 
your package names in order to coexists with the other CPAN packages, 
although using a dedicated prefix should be enough. Even if you don't 
want to distribute your application through CPAN, you should at least 
package it as if it belong to CPAN.

I've read in your README and noticed that you want your application to 
work in Debian Etch. This is one more reason for packaging your 
application through CPAN. Doing so you will make it easier for us Debian 
and Ubuntu users to package your application as a deb package (take a 
look at the debian tool dh-make-perl it can do this automatically and 
without too much hassle).

While reading the mailing list I've just stumbled across this answer by
Emmanuel Rodriguez. 

I am really interested in distributing my app via CPAN as well
( currently i am doing the packaging for supported linux distributions
on my own - too much work ;-) ).
Are there any good tutorials how to do this and what tools to use? I am
familiar with packaging CPAN modules for debian based linux
distributions and i am aware of the benefits.

How do i prepare my app for CPAN? Just like any other Module? Where are
the differences?

I can image the dependency handling of CPAN based modules but how are
any needed C Libs handled by this? Package names differ between most
linux distributions...How are these dependencies resolved?

Thanks for any help.


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