custom cell renderer start_editing refcount

I had a go at making an editable cell renderer and I find the destroy
signal on the GtkEntry "editable" widget I return from START_EDITING is
not called.

Sample program below, click alterately between the two cells to edit,
and notice the destroy for $entry is not called.

I suspect the SvREFCNT_inc in gtk2perl_cell_renderer_start_editing()
keeps it alive forever.  The best I can nut out is that there ought to
be a floating reference ready for the View container to take over.  The
normal Gtk2::Entry->new has sunk the initial so I think another should
be created.

With the change below the destroy runs as I hoped.  Does it sound about
right? -- before digging out what it should look like for glib pre-2.10.

(The "Example 3" in the GObject reference is slightly related to what I
think is going on.  It shows sinking the floating ref and then putting
it back - though the unref there may be 1 too many.)

Incidentally, if you create the editable by chaining up to
$renderer->SUPER::START_EDITING() the destroy runs ok.  But I believe
that's only because the chain-up code at the end of GtkCellRenderer.xs
uses newSVGtkCellEditable_ornull() to wrap, and that macro does
gperl_new_object() with FALSE for "own", so it doesn't sink.  That
leaves the object with a refcount of 2 -- 1 still floating and 1 from
the wrapper -- so the condition for the SvREFCNT_inc bit in
gtk2perl_cell_renderer_start_editing() is not met.  With the change I'm
proposing a count of 2 with 1 floating and 1 from the wrapper would be
the normal situation; with the 1 from the wrapper quite possibly dropped
at the FREETMPS stage.

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