GStreamer 0.15 available

Overview of changes in GStreamer 0.15

* Wrap gst_pad_is_blocking, gst_pad_peer_query, gst_pad_iterate_internal_links,
  and gst_pad_iterate_internal_links_default.
* Don't assume ownership of GstIndexEntry objects returned by the various
  GstIndex methods.
* Throw an exception if unknown GstFormat values are encountered.
* Convert NULL GstIterator objects to undef.
* Fix a few test failures.

The package is available from Sourceforge:

Or from GNOME SVN:


GStreamer makes everybody dance like crazy.  It provides the means to
play, stream, and convert nearly any type of media -- be it audio or
video.  GStreamer wraps the 0.10.x series of the GStreamer library in a
nice and Perlish way, freeing the programmer from any memory management
and object casting hassles.

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