Re: [PATCH] fix POD generation with COPYRIGHT section in source

On Feb 13, 2009, at 8:03 PM, Ryan Niebur wrote:

err, now it's attached.


If i'm reading correctly, then i don't think this is right.

xsdoc2pod() opens a whole bunch of sections, and the =cut is meant to close them all. I see that the docs say "replace the generated COPYRIGHT section completely", but i don't think this is intended to mean "so you should add your own =cut". In other words, i think it's wrong for the copyright text to include a =cut of its own.

In fact, i don't see a =cut in Gnome2::Canvas's Makefile.PL.

So, while not having your patch breaks for some modules, i imagine adding your patch might break for other modules.

Perhaps should filter out any =cuts that it finds in your copyright strings? Or maybe *shudder* use a state machine to keep track of whether we have written a =cut and write one at the end?


DISCLAIMER:  i was only reading source, not actually running anything.

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