Re: About odot development

Nick Vallianos wrote:
  That's great. I created a launchpad project and added you to the
maintainers team. I'm not sure how launchpad works, I'll get
familiarised with it in the next few days. For now I'm writing some
additional documentation to the odot code, as this helps me understand
how it works. I'm putting that in an extra .pod file.

Good idea. I tried my best to write readable code, but I probably neglected writing enough comments.

  I'll see if I can add the code to Bazaar, bugs, and blueprints and let
you know how it's going.

I attach the SVN dump of my local repository for odot (uncompress with `lzma -d odot.svndump.lzma'). You should be able to import this into a bzr branch on launchpad.

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