Re: How to set the color of a row based on the data in one coloumn Gtk::Treeview

On Aug 19, 2009, at 5:05 PM, Ragavendar Swamisai wrote:


I am trying to create a TreeView (with SimpleList) and I have a column
where its value is set dynamically, and when the value in the column
is set to a specific string I want to set the complete row to say RED.
I am able to do that for a column using the 'attr' key in the

Any pointers or code snippet will be helpful.

The easiest way is to have a hidden row in your column that contains the color you want to use. You'd calculate that when you insert the data. Then, loop across all the columns in the view, adding an attribute to control the color, like this:

    foreach my $col ($view->get_columns ()) {
        # NOTE: in newer gtk+, this is get_cells()
        foreach my $cell ($col->get_cell_renderers ()) {
# assuming you're talking about the foreground color, and that the
            # model stores this as a string color name.
$col->add_attribute ($cell, foreground => HIDDEN_COLOR_COLUMN_INDEX);

If you want the background color, you may need to tweak.

If it needs to be more dynamic than that, or not use a column to store this value, then you will need to use a cell data function, which replaces your attributes, which means you want to do it by hand instead of using SimpleList.

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