Re: Idea: Can we modify Devel::REPL or combine with Perl Object Environment to have programmatic interaction with a gtk2-perl process like in other languages?

On 23:26 Tue 21 Apr     , Sergei Steshenko wrote:

Of course, Perl allows dynamic compilation/binding, i.e. one can add some
new piece of code to a running instance.

Has anyone verified absence of memory leaks doing such things frequently ?

WRT memory leaks I prefer to be on the safe side - in a GUI of mine I do not even destroy/recreate widgets, 
just hide/show them. And the GUI has no
dynamic binding whatsoever.

Again regarding memory leaks - gtk+ folks have a nerve to claim gtk+ has no
memory leaks - even after the fact that in a number of releases they had
memory leaks fixed - this was in their release announcements. So, I wish
you luck - I am an "old" skeptical guy ;-).

Interesting points. Your point is very important to exercise caution  if I forsaw writing 
code that will make heavy use of dynamic changes in the gtk2-perl gui. 

On the other hand, I am only dealing with developing a felicitous  development environment, 
thus I would like the convenience of just changing my callbacks/widgets around,
without just restarting my program from scratch. 

After the program works correctly, I can then use the resulting code
 and then do any long term stability/ memory leak testing separately. 



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