Re: threads and trayicon error

On Mon, 29 Sep 2008 23:22:41 +0200
anguila <anguila gmail com> wrote:

Because I wrote this applet for example to another code that I'm writing.. i
try to get work the easy script first and then use that in a biggest code..
anyway, I'll check that web :)

But... any idea why it not works?

Thread safety problems.

Gtk2 has some thread safety, but alot depends on the code you are not showing.
Show a complete example that runs so we can test it, that shows your error.

There are a few examples of proper thread usage in the archives and on
if you search for "Gtk2 threads".

But each script can need a different approach with threads.... sometimes
the thread->Enter and $thread->Leave will work, but the best approach
is to put a Glib::Idle->add() in the thread to update widgets.


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