Re: Fun with ExtUtils::MakeMaker and Windows import libraries

Ari Jolma wrote:

EU::Depends::find_extra_libs assumes now that when OS is MSWin32, the 
(import) library extension is ".lib". When MinGW is used, the extension is
usually .dll.a (MinGW could also happily use the actual .dll, but 
EU::LibList::Kid does not allow that currently). Thus a (partial) solution
would be to change find_extra_libs to search for files with .dll.a extension
too. I don't have a very elegant solution how to allow both extensions.

Elegance shouldn't be the primary concern.  If you have a patch that makes
linking work on MinGW, just post it.

Somehow this detection should be propagated to EU::LibList::Kid to look for
import libraries "lib<library>.dll.a" -- or the Makefile.PL's may also alter
the liblist by adding ".dll.a" before calling set_libs().

I'd prefer a solution that doesn't involve changing every Makefile.PL.


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