Re: event propagate constants

On Oct 18, 2008, at 6:34 PM, Torsten Schoenfeld wrote:

Kevin Ryde wrote:
What about
   Gtk2::EVENT_STOP         # value 1
   Gtk2::EVENT_PROPAGATE    # value 0
   Glib::SOURCE_CONTINUE    # value 1
   Gtk2::SOURCE_REMOVE      # value 0
From nosing around I think there's no single idea of true/false as
stop/continue, it varies with the different callbacks etc, so confine
the names to a particular context, and try to match the jargon in the
EVENT_PROPAGATE is probably the most often wanted. Is that name enough to reduce confusion? Reducing chance of confusion of course being the
the whole point of the exercise :-)

The names sound fine to me. But if I'm not mistaken, you forgot to add the patch that actually adds Glib::SOURCE_CONTINUE and SOURCE_REMOVE.

muppet, are you OK with these names as well?

Sounds good to me.  Would it be worth proposing upstream?

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