Native Gtk2-Perl apps on Mac OS X


Hi all,

Forgive me if someone's already posted about doing this: having installed the GTK+ package from Imendio ( on my Macbook I found installing the Gtk2-Perl mods pretty easy. You pretty much just need to do this:

$ export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/Library/Frameworks/Cairo.framework/Resources/dev/lib/pkgconfig:/Library/Frameworks/GLib.framework/Resources/dev/lib/pkgconfig:/Library/Frameworks/Gtk.framework/Resources/dev/lib/pkgconfig"
$ sudo -H cpan -i ExtUtils::Depends
$ sudo -H cpan -i ExtUtils::PkgConfig
$ sudo -H cpan -i Glib
$ sudo -H cpan -i Cairo
$ sudo -H cpan -i Gtk2

Screenshot at



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