calling main_quit from signal_connect - is it possible/legal ?

Hello All,

suppose I have the following piece of code:

  clicked =>

where $this is, say, Gtk2::ToggleButton object.

When the button is clicked and Gtk2->main_quit is called, will 
Gtk2->main_quit be executed immediately or the anonymous sub containing
the call to Gtk2->main_quit will be executed to the end and only then main
loop depth will be decreased by one ?

If Gtk2->main_quit is executed immediately, is control passed back to the
anonymous sub containing the call, i.e. will the next statement after
Gtk2->main_quit be executed ?

Is it legal to call Gtk2->main_quit in such a manner ? Will stack integrity
in both "C" and Perl layers be preserved ?

I am not going to call Gtk2->main_quit just for fun, I want to execute a
really lengthy subroutine taking up to, say, 10 seconds. I've noticed that
shorter (a couple of seconds) subroutines work fine, but the long ones
sometimes interfere with GUI behavior - it looks like some events are
either lost or are recognized out of order.

So, overall my idea is to temporarily freeze GUI functionality by calling
Gtk2->main_quit, then to execute the lengthly subroutine, then to revive
the GUI by again calling Gtk2->main.



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