Re: Memory Leak

Richard Rosa wrote:
Torsten Schoenfeld wrote: 

I don't see the leak when running your example.  This suggests that it >might be
a theme- or platform-specific issue.  What gtk+ theme and which platform >are you using?

 I'm running on Suse 10.3, KDE 3.5.  It looks like this may be a KDE problem.
I brought up a Gnome session and the code no longer leaks... Not sure how
to proceed from here, but at least I know that it is not a coding 

Try suse 11.0 with the released and updated 3.5.x and 4.x versions from
the official repository. If the problem still occurs in either version,
report a bug at <>. It will get to
the KDE devs and be chased. 3.5 may be WONTFIX since its maintenence
only now, AFAIK.

Just a suggestion; I don't use KDE myself, and I don't have an 11.0 box
to try it :)

Cheers, Dave

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